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Student Art 
Available for Purchase

SPAA has been providing fine art prints of the student art work in our yearly competitions. This years artwork will be available by emailing us at or calling voice or text to 310-612-1949. We will soon have the artwork available on online on this website for you to order.

You will need to provide us with the number of the artwork and student name plus the number of prints you want. The price is only $20.00 for each piece. This is a donation so no tax will be charged. 
Artwork can be picked up at Crafted at the SPAA Gallery or for $5.00, we will mail it to you.

We will only be able to provide prints of the paintings, drawings and photographs. 

SPAA has used the funds generated by these sales to help fund future student competitions and events. They make a great gift to family members and friends for any occasion.

Thanks to the many students whose genius has made all of this possible.

You can look at (and purchase) artwork from previous competitions by clicking here             
This website shows not only student artwork, but videos and photos of the receptions . Fun to look at!
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